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“My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know"

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In January 2020 the world was drawn to the news that there was an outbreak of a new SARS-like coronavirus, which caused the death of several patients in the China city of Wuhan. What sounds dystopian, was ignored by the rest of the world, thinking it was purely the problem of the Chinese authoritarian state. After all the SARS Coronavirus outbreak was successfully contained by the Chinese government in 2003. However, the world’s governments underestimated the infectiousness of this new virus, and the Chinese authorities did their best to play down the virus outbreak, which can be seen as a biological MCA (Maximum Credible Accident) tantamount to what the nuclear Chernobyl MCA was for the former Soviet Union. Like in this time, the nuclear accident was first registered by the monitoring systems of a Swedish reactor, which the Swedish authorities thought it was to be blamed unknowingly that in fact, a nuclear reactor in the Ukraine part of the former Soviet Union melted down.

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The same was done by the Chinese communist party, trying to cover up the scale of the biological safety accident and playing down the infectiousness of the virus. The Chinese communist government was actively bullying states that imposed measures to curtail the free movement of its nationals, as in the case of Italy and perverted the information policy of the World Health organisation so that this biological hazard could spread worldwide to become a pandemic.

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The Peoples Republic of China is not an unknown player when it comes to bioethics and bio-security. Only in 2019, a Chinese researcher was imprisoned for three years after he publicly announced that he wanted to create HIV resistant humans using a dedicate gene-editing method, during which course the entire genome could be reshuffled as the worst-case scenario outcome.

Other than the Chernobyl MCA, bio-hazard incidents with severely infectious pathogens can be conveniently covered up. There are no satellites to vindicate that there is a hole in a reactor, no nuclear fission detectors that that is radioactivity in the air and no seismographs that could verify that a nuclear MCA occurred at a site.

Xi ZHOU of Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Wuhan, copyright Wuhan Medical University

However, there has been some international collaboration between those PR Chinese scientists and the USA and Australia, so that the research at the Wuhan laboratories can be sufficiently reproduced. Some scientists were trained in Australia and others by a virology laboratory in the French city of Lyon.

So what is the cause of the Chinese flu? Coronaviruses are known to the research community since the 1960ies when they were discovered by a British scientist. They are thought to be benign leading mostly to common cold-like symptoms in humans if at all they leave behind any symptoms. However, with the advent of SARS, a coronavirus which causes severe respiratory symptoms, the benign nature of the coronavirus family has been taken into doubt. And with the outbreak of MERS, in the Middle East by a coronavirus that causes the same symptoms, it was clear that coronaviruses have a severe pathogenic potential. This is no different with the Covid19 virus which causes the Chinese flu, albeit Covid19 is much more contagious, and small amounts of virus particles transmitted via aerosols (the viral particle size is 125 nm) could kill a susceptible patient after around 10 days of having displayed the first symptoms. The virus enters the human body mostly through the nose and throat and settles in the mucus membranes of these organs. From there it propagates to infect the lungs. Due to a large number of infected cells, the patients will have blood in their mucus, when they cough, have a high fever, no appetite and worst, they have an accelerated rate of breath due to the lack of oxygen, a feeling similar to drowning. The Covid19 virus spread, as of may 5th, 2020, to infect knowingly some 3.5 Million people (with an estimated 35 Million non confirmed carreers), killing an estimated 250,000 people in its path, even leading the avant-gardist Prime Minister of the UK to fight for his life. This was in May 2020, and it is best to ignore current virus counts.

Doctor Li Wenliang, copyright Wuhan Medical University

Where the PR China and other dictatorships fiddle with the data of the actual infections and the resulting death, others like Belgium artificially inflate the data to get their citizens to abide by the lock-down rules to prevent the spread of the Covid19 particles. The virus infection might be recurrent, in that when the lung heals cysts of cells containing Covid19 become decapsulated and the virus particles again try to take over human lung cells. With asphyxiation being one cause of death, the other would be a septic shock, where the liver and kidney cannot process the large numbers of dead lung cells. If this is being accompanied by a bacterial infection, such as pneumonia, Legionnaire’s disease or tuberculosis the patients’ survival chances will further be reduced.

Deyin GUO of Wuhan University, Wuhan (WHU), copyright Wuhan Medical University

The nature of the Covid19 virus is that it belongs to the RNA viruses. Unlike bacteria, viruses need to infect a cell in order to propagate. Thus they cannot do so outside another organism. However, the virus cannot distinguish between the organism it propagates and humans. Thus other species such as apes, bats, cats and perhaps camels can host Covid19. The coronavirus genome contains non-segmented positive sense RNA which upon the virus docking a lung cell with its specific receptors (hemagglutinin-esterase) and its entry being mediated by the S protein, is being used as a substrate by the cell’s own gene regulatory apparatus to produce more virus.

The S protein proves to be a valuable target for the creation of vaccines. However, due to its labile RNA genome, the virus mutates frequently, making it difficult to target the vaccine definitely. This has been the case for HIV lentiviruses, which are also RNA viruses. But the latter is so large that it requires transmission via plasma.

Ceyang SU of Wuhan University, Wuhan (WHU), copyright Wuhan Medical University

Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes…

Since the PR Chinese government is not very cooperative there can by only educated speculation on who released the virus and why. Focus is that two laboratories in Wuhan worked on bat coronaviruses. One is a high-security National Virus laboratory which was opened in 2017. In contains state-of-the-art security measures. However, at the Wuhan University Medical school, where the outbreak of Covid19 was first registered. However, to fully understand the bat virus research in the PR, we need to delve a bit deeper into chinese virus research social mapping.

Originally most of the bat corona virus sequences were extracted from horse bats living in caves in Yunan province along the Myanmar-Laotian-Arunachal Pradesh border in the vicinity of the (Jade Dragon) Snowy mountains some 1300 miles from Wuhan by car.

As aforementioned those coronaviruses do not survive for a longer period outside of its host organism. To keep them a cell culture is required. Such a cell culture is not easy to establish from scratch. Rather those cells need to be resilient and oncogenic in order to be able to propagate. Hence to establish bat cell lines would be very tedious. Therefore most researchers would take to either murine (mouse cells seem however due to their cell surface not be susceptible to those bat coronaviruses as their cell surface receptors have a different constellation), monkey or human cell lines that have already been established. Obviously those researchers at the Wuhan Medical School just used human cell lines for convenience, and to see if the bat coronaviruses propagated in those cell lines, as they obviously did. Given that the laboratory at the Wuhan medical school was designed as a low-risk class II laboratory the safety measures were not as sophisticated as for the Wuhan national virus laboratory.


The current Covid19 genome, although it seems to mutate to some degree, bears some striking simularity to bat corona-virus genome sequences discovered by the Army Medical University 中国人民解放军陆军军医大学 (Chongqing, China) and the Research Institute for Medicine of Nanjing Command 南京大学 医学院附属金陵医院/南京军区南京总医院.


(Nanjing, China) and the furan cleavage-site of the S protein, does, scanning all available corona sequences with tools such as MUSCLE, DECIPHER and UGENE not exist in the viral sequences that exist in the natural ZC45 and ZXC21 bat corona virus sequences. However, researchers from NOVAVAX Inc./Maryland USA have been able to isolate such a furin binding site from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus’ F protein and expressed this in insect cells. So the furin sequence and its function existed in the laboratories before, and this would not have gone unnoticed to any half-way keen fellow virologist, even those sessile in the PR China, in particular as in fact some of the NAVAVAX researchers were PR Chinese nationals. Hence, it seems that Zhengli Shi and the Protein biochemist Fang Li have gone about and artificially created a malicious bat coronavirus-RSV S/F Protein, which seems to be good at knocking out the immune defences and causing an agonising death to those patients who are not fit enough muster their immune defences against this human made virus. One might call this also covert bioterrorism, in particular when one looks at the ensuing cover-up by the PR China.


What happened to those researchers who run the Virus lab at the Wuhan medical school? According to Australian media, they were trained in Australia and suddenly vanished. Fact is that the first outbreak of the Chinese flu was observed even in this Wuhan Medical School on November 17th, 2019 in a patient who had no dealings with “Wildlife” markets whatsoever. The physician who detected the virus Li Wenliang died officially of Covid19, although he did not fit the category of high-risk persons, which is strange.

So emergence of the Covid19 virus is definitely a case for Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple.

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